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Join us in Leonard as we bring you the scariest haunted attraction in the Red River Valley since 2003.

Acres of Terror starts September 11th!

  • When?
  • We will be open Fridays and Saturdays, September 11th through October 31st.

    Dusk till Midnight (be at gates by 12:00)

    Rain or shine, the show will go on.

  • Where?
  • Acres of Terror, is located in Leonard North Dakota. Leonard lies 16 miles south of Casselton on ND Highway 18. For directions from Fargo click Here

  • How Much?

  • Check out our Haunt World Listing

    MinnDak Paranormal Society Case Summary:

         "The Abandoned Leonard School House, now converted to part of the Haunted Acres horror tour, was an interesting case. Not only were the claims of activity spooky, but we were working a full-fledged spook house that was still set up from Halloween. Claims ranged from hearing voices and unexplained noises to seeing apparitions. Some of the information obtained during the interviews was later confirmed through old newspaper archives. We started our investigation, working the main areas with claims of activity. We did several EVP sessions throughout the building, including a large session with the owner. There did seem to be some strange occurrences during the investigation, but the real evidence came to light when we reviewed the footage. Several unexplainable EVP's showed up during the review. This case remains open due to the current lack of evidence to make a determination, and more investigation will be conducted to determine if this location truly holds paranormal activity."

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